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As a follower of Christ,
acknowledging myself
created in the image of God,
I will ground myself in the Holy,
in body, mind and Spirit;
and work to help others
connect with their sense of
what is Holy, sacred and good
in themselves,
and creation,
the journey
of life.

Churches typically have a mission statement, as do many other organizations.
But mission statements are not just for institutions.
Each of us, too, has a mission statement, whether we recognize it or not.

A year ago this week, on an eight-day silent retreat, I ended up revising a personal mission statement I had developed 20 years earlier. The words are above, and I wrote it in the shape of a praying figure, which you can see in the photo. This mission statement is more than my mission as a minister; it my best attempt to state the mission I aspire to fulfil in my whole life, in all my relationships.

It can be a helpful exercise to put a personal mission statement into words, and like all mission statements a personal mission statement needs to be reviewed and revised from time to time. It seems to me that a mission statement is more than a statement of who we are. Its starting point is who we are, but the statement is a way of saying who we aspire to be. Making the statement can help focus our energy in the direction of becoming our highest calling. I find this to be true with my own mission statement.

There is something powerful about sharing this statement with others. Putting it out there makes it more real. It feels like I am taking on a weight, and a weight being lifted all at the same time. It places a burden on me and gives me a sense of hope and purpose. As a Christian, I know that my true mission statement cannot be accomplished on my own. And so I let this statement be my prayer as I continue my journey as a follower of Jesus. I open myself to the Spirit, and I do my best to listen for the shape that God wants my life to take . May God's will be done in my life and in my ministry at Grace.

Take a moment to think about your own personal mission. Who are you? Who is the Spirit inviting you to become?

May God who creates, Christ who redeems, and the Holy Spirit who inspires lead each of us on the path toward our highest calling.