Update from the Climate Action Now Network CANN

It has been about 18 months since the film Resilience was screened at Grace Church.  CANN was formed as a result of the film. 

Although Covid has slowed down the work of CANN we are still moving forward with projects.  You may have heard that as a result of a CANN deputation to council, drywall is now being recycled at the local landfill

Recently CANN presented another deputation to council.  This time it was regarding styrofoam recycling. CANN provided information on a service provided by Second Wind Recycling from St Thomas.  Second Wind compacts styrofoam with a mobile compactor that they bring to municipalities.  They take the styrofoam to another company that recycles it into picture frames and other products voted.  Council voted unanimously to direct staff to research this possibility. 

CANN continues to work with Foodland and some local restaurants on a food recovery and composting program. 

CANN currently has a display about the Filtrol 160 washing machine filter at Gather Grocery.  This filter captures microfibres and microplastics from the washing machine so they don't make their way to Georgian Bay. 

One of our CANN members has taken the training and will be a facilitator with Carbon Conversations. This group helps individuals, families and communities face the challenge of climate change in their own communities.  There will be 4 zoom meetings with two topics - looking for a low carbon future and how to talk about climate change with family, friends, and colleagues.  

Several CANN members belong to a group comprised of other local Climate Change groups in Grey and Bruce.  This group meets monthly by zoom to share ideas and concerns.  Hiba Hussain, a staff planner for Grey County and Project Manager for Grey County Climate Change Action Plan is a member.  She shares the progress of the Action Plan, answers our inquiries and also takes our suggestions. 

CANN now has a member on the Attainable Housing Task Force and a member on the Sustainability Committee of TBM Council. 

Some members of CANN are participating in a Sustainable Living Series by Zoom.  This series with speakers is presented by Grey Bruce Sustainability Network

Members of CANN write letters of support for other Climate Change groups to their council and also sign petitions to the various levels of government.  CANN often has articles in the review on environmentally friendly products. 

CANN has a very active facebook page - called Climate Action Group of the Blue Mountains where they post interesting articles regarding climate change. 

Please contact Diana Dolmer if you are interested in becoming involved with CANN.  We would love to hear from you.