In response to popular demand, the Pageant has been posted as a stand-alone presentation.

Our gifted child voice actors were Claire (Granddaughter of Marg and John) and Mark and Asha (grandchildren of Rob and Donna). Asha and Claire also helped develop the story. I then wrote the script, directed and produced it. Voices were recorded in a Zoom recording session. 

John Thompson took all the photos of the set. John made the log dollhouse and furnishings, the car and the people, horse and dog (but not the nativity). The Governess and Cart were made by wood John bought with his Loaves and Fishes Challenge $5, and he added $3 to buy the wood to make the horse. It appears that those Loaves and Fishes are still multiplying!  

If you like the pageant, please share it with family and friends who might enjoy it, and please post it on your social media accounts. Let’s see how many views we can get.   Watch the pageant here. And watch the whole service from Dec 20 for the pageant, a few thoughts from the kids about what they are grateful for, what they ask God for and about sharing gifts with others, as well as Christmas carols and prayers. To find the service on our Live Stream, select the service from the “Playlist” 

If you enjoy it, share with your friends and family. And have a blessed and safe Christmas.