For Remembrance Sunday this year I gathered stories and reflections from a number of people of Grace. This was a much more grace-filled task than I ever expected. Some of their stories and reflections are included i the November 8 Remembrance Sunday service. But I could not include them all. I will over the coming weeks gradually add some of the other stories that were shared. Check back for videos as they are added.

A deep thank you to all who shared their memories, stories passed down to them, and reflections. May they help us grow in our ability to appreciate the reality and horror of war, the sacrifices made by those who step into the battle on our behalf, and the human capacity to overcome struggle and reach beyond differences; and may they help us grow in our ability to be part of bringing the peace of Christ in our world.

There are 10 videos in total. They will be added when they are ready, so keep checking for more.

Here are links to the videos to date:

Peter Armstrong Remembrance Stories

Marilyn and Paul Parkin Remembrance Stories

Isabelle Hagerman Remembrance Stories