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Here is this Sunday's worship service, in five parts. Before you watch this week's service, you may want to refresh yourself on the antics in last week's service, during the Postlude and post-Postlude... 

The link for the bulletin is below.

Special thanks to John Hunter, "Wizzard of the Wires" for his tech support, to Paul and Marilyn Parkin for helping our camel  "friends" Esther and Jonah to visit us, and to Phyllis Fleming for helping with just about everything.

We are continuing to learn and grow in using this technology. Please send comments by email.

Recap of March 15 antics: Last Week's Postlude and post-Postlude

Worship Service Part 1: Prelude - Assurance

Worship Service Part 2: Prayer for Illumination - Psalm 23

Worship Service Part 3: Gospel Reading - Hymn

Worship Service Part 4: Prayers and Sung Lord's Prayer

Worship Service Part 5: Offering - post-Postlude


Watch for an e-blast with a link to join the Lenten Communion Service by Zoom at 6:30 on Wednesday night.

Bring your own bread and grape (or apple or cranberry) juice, and participate wherever you are able to connect to the internet. For more information contact the Minister