1. Grace United Church Groups involved in the life of the church shall have free use of the facilities for meetings.

2. Honorariums will apply to non-church functions, business group functions, businesses/organizations making presentations, groups that collect membership fees, and an event where an admission fee is charged or a donation accepted in lieu of admission.

3. Where an honorarium is charged, payment must be made in advance of the event. Make cheques payable to: Grace United Church.

4. For insurance purposes, all groups or events or activities using the church facilities will be asked for a proof of insurance certificate.

5. Custodial rates include all set-up and take down of tables and chairs required for the function.


As a courtesy, please leave the facility set up the same way as it was when your event took place, unless other arrangements have been made.

Light lunches for special events are catered by the UCW at a cost of $7.00 / person or as arranged. A facility rental fee may apply – call the church.

Funerals: All honourariums are to be paid in one cheque to Grace United Church and then they will be redistributed to each individual by Grace.