Welcome to Grace United Church in Thornbury!

We are a bold, nurturing, liberal, Christian community of faith located in the heart of Thornbury.

Our Past and Our Present:

Our Church has ministered to the needs of the community since 1880 when it was built as a Methodist Congregation. With Church Union in 1925 it became a congregation of The United Church of Canada. Over the years, other Pastoral Charges throughout the valley have amalgamated with Grace, constantly enriching and expanding the Grace family.

Regular worship is held Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with a variety of inspirational music and featuring our Senior Choir in addition to our bell choir and other guest musicians and soloists. We sing hymns from both the Voices United and More Voices hymnals. Grace-Full Moments is a children’s program that welcomes kids of all ages to participate during the Sunday morning worship service. Our accessibility standards include offering a hearing assist system, and large font bulletins on request. The main areas of the church are fully wheelchair accessible with a lift servicing all three levels. There is ample parking including designated wheelchair spots.

Join us for fellowship and sharing each Sunday during our weekly coffee time following the service or check the calendar for special services and events.