A Green Team project: Plastic film recycling through Grey Highlands 

Contact Norine Baron 519-599-2442 or Diana Dolmer 519-378-4734

to arrange for pickup/drop off.  


Grey Highlands collects every second week.

To help you organize here are the guidelines:

YES you can recycle grocery bags - all kinds milk bags (outer only), Bread bags and bulk store bags, frozen veggie bags (no zips),  veggie bags - carrots, celery etc. , Bigger bags - Homesense, Cdn Tire, Walmart, etc and Big bags - green, black, clear, yellow, blue, orange All should be stuffed into one bag  
NO these are not acceptable: anything crinkly at all, paper labels are suspect, Milk bags - inner ones, Saran wrap, Cheese wrapping, ANY zip lock bags - even without the zip part, Toilet tissue outer wrap, (I use them for garbage) Potting soil, fertilizer, bone meal bags

Stamps: We still make available the opportunity to save your used postage stamps for the Oxfam Stamp Program. Norine Baron is our contact at 519-599-2442 for pick up/drop off.  

Styrofoam & drywall:  CANN collaborated with Blue Mountains council and staff to have styrofoam and drywall recycled at the local landfill.  

Natural burials:   Currently CANN is sharing information with town staff and council about Natural Burials and is asking for a few acres of land in the local cemetery for a Natural Burial site. National Burials are the traditional method of burying our dead with no embalming, no casket and no vault.  The community may have input into the design of the plan – a lavender field, a wildflower garden.  See the latest paper edition of the Blue Mountain Review for more information on natural burials or e-mail canntbm@gmai.com

For more information about the Green Team, please talk to Diana Dolmer, or contact the Church Office.