How can you become a full member of Grace UC?

From the moment you start worshipping with us, you become an adherent of the congregation. You can become a full member by:

Baptism and Profession of Faith (if you have been baptized elsewhere, you do not have to be baptized again.)

Certificate of Transfer- from another congregation or denomination.  

What does it mean to be a “member” of Grace United Church?

Member: Those whose names are on the roll of the church have full membership in Grace United Church (and in the United Church of Canada) and are entitled to vote at congregational meetings, to be members of the Church Board, and to be representatives to Presbytery.   When you are involved in the congregation you are an “adherent” until you officially become a full member.

Adherent: Those people who contribute regularly to the life and work of Grace United Church without being a full member may vote on “temporal matters” when there has been a congregational vote at the meeting to allow them. Temporal matters are administrative or financial matters.

For information about baptism (adult or infant/child), baby blessings, becoming a member of Grace United Church, transfer of membership, contact the minister.