In the United Church, we value each person as a unique, loved creation of God and welcome all people to the full life of Christian community, including marriage.  We believe God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing, and sustaining of the couple and those around them.  We believe that relationships that are grounded in inclusivity, openness, respect and equity, will be caring and loving.

At Grace United Church, we celebrate the joy and wisdom of a covenant between two loving adults.  We honour the Divine mystery and Divine presence as it manifests in loving relationships, and we believe that marriage is one way to bring true love to its fullest expression, since wherever love is, God is also there (1 John 1: 4).

Our commitment to justice and equity includes a commitment to safe space for people of all social or cultural backgrounds, all ages, all races, all abilities, all spiritual backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all gender identities and gender expressions.  Our marriage policy reflects these values.

Policy Statement:
Grace United Church will welcome and marry couples of all gender combinations who love each other.