The Green Team started out by encouraging the Grace congregation to be environmentally friendly in our work and ministry. After enhancing our recycling program, the Green Team successfully spearheaded the initiatives to use eco-friendly cleaning products and to have Grace declared a packaged-water-free zone. The Green Team has moved into the community, hosting the film Resilience, which has spawned a community-based climate change working group. In the summer of 2019, the Green team started up a “Waste-Disposal” outreach at the weekly summer “Music in the Park.”

Other Green Team projects:
Plastic film recycling through Grey Highlands.  Contact Norine Baron 519-599-2442 or Diana Dolmer 519-378-4734 to arrange for pickup/drop off.  
Stamps: We still make available the opportunity to save your used postage stamps for the Oxfam Stamp Program. Norine Baron is our contact at 519-599-2442 for pick up/drop off.  

For more information about the Green Team, please talk to Diana Dolmer, or contact the Church Office.