Sanctuary $ 150.00 

Fellowship Hall
Full day 50.00
Half day 25.00

Full use 25.00
(includes use of stove and/or dishwasher)
Light use 15.00
(excludes stove and/or dishwasher use)
Parlour (includes small kitchen) 25.00

Custodial Rates: $100.00 (Regular Fee)

Weddings & Funerals

  Weddings Funerals
Church $200.00 200.00
Sound System 50.00 50.00
Custodial Care 100.00 100.00
GUC- Organist*** 200.00 150.00
Host/Lift Operator 50.00 50.00

Minister’s Honorarium: $300 (Honoraria do not usually cover all of the Minister’s time. The remainder of minister’s time and administrative support are paid by donations made to the church.)  
(For funerals, as arranged with the Funeral Home)

Bulletins (as required) 50.00
($20. / 100 copies plus $30. for secretary prep)

Wedding Fees are to be paid to the office at least 1 week in advance of ceremony

The Marriage Licence is to be delivered to office at least 1 week in advance of ceremony.

Office Administrator: Rosemary: 519-599-2438 or  

Note: Wedding Rates for Church and Custodian
include rehearsals.
*** Organist for Funerals & Weddings: add $50.00 extra
for rehearsal and extra preparation of music. Rehearsals are usually the day before the service.