At Grace United Church, we welcome diverse couples including:
• one man and one woman; two women; or two men
• never married, widowed, or previously divorced people
• couples of different religions

Weddings and renewals of vows are celebrated in a service of Christian worship.

You may contact the Church Office to request a wedding and we will get back to you. If you have a date in mind, this can be tentatively booked by phone or e-mail, but the date for a wedding, or for a service of renewal of vows, will not be confirmed until after the couple has met with the Minister.

Wedding Couples will usually meet with the minister two or three times, and occasionally the couple and minister may choose to have additional meetings.

A wedding rehearsal is usually done before the day of the wedding, in the location where the wedding will take place. All people involved in the wedding should be part of this rehearsal.

Couples are encouraged to complete marriage preparation sessions. Ask the Minister for more information.

For the Ceremony:
Please ask your guests and photographer to refrain from flash photography during the service.

Please remember, no alcohol before the service. That goes for the Bride and Groom, and the two witnesses who will sign the register. Otherwise the marriage may not be legally solemnized.

The Grace Congregation will hold the couple in prayer the week of and for 1 month following the wedding.

Any Fees are to be paid to the office at least 1 week in advance of ceremony

The Marriage Licence is to be delivered to office at least 1 week in advance of ceremony.

Office Administrator: Rosemary: 519-599-2438 or